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The Bible, the Daughter of the Gita

In a common understanding, the Bible refers to one of two closely related religious texts central to Judaism and Christianity – the Hebrew or Christian sacred scriptures respectively. Hearing the word ‘bible’ people in the world think about a scripture. For the Christians it is the supreme scripture.

However, the new knowledge narrated by the Supreme Father Shiva casts a completely new light on the common understanding what the Bible is. In order to understand well the issue of the Bible, we need to recollect few facts about the Gita. The Supreme Father teaches that the Gita is the mother and the Gita is a scripture. In both cases the Gita is a creation of the Supreme Father Shiva. That is why it is not the Bible, by the Gita that is the highest, as a mother as well as a scripture. All the others, the Bible, the Dhamapad, the Quran and so on, are the progeny of the Gita. Whatever happens to the mother, happens also to children. It will be very easy to understand, once readers assimilate the point about the eternal drama wheel in which living souls play roles through or with the help of 5 elements and in which things happen first on a subtle living level and later on they assume a physical form. Unless man understands this point, he will never become free from the slavery of the System and his perception will always remain limited.

The Supreme Father reminds that the Gita was seriously adulterated. The name of the Gita’s true Narrator was replaced with the name of Krishna, who actually is a student in that Narrator’s school. The same adulterations happen to all the scriptures. The Supreme Father explains in details how it happens and who is responsible for it. The rehearsal of adulteration in the human drama, the shooting of deletions, additions, misinterpretations was started by the Brahma Kumaris. The Brahma Kumaris have adulterated and manipulated the the entire knowledge narrated by the Supreme Father, inserted the name of the soul of Krishna, i.e. Dada Lekhraj (Brahma Baba) in it and transformed it into a tool of destruction. There are numerous proofs of this.

Now, how does it concern the Bible? There is a living soul in the Brahmin family created by the Supreme Father that plays the role of the living Bible. It means that like the living soul playing the role of the living Gita becomes a ‘repository’ of the divine knowledge narrated by the Supreme Father, in the same way the soul playing the role of the living Bible becomes a ‘storehouse’ of that knowledge, but to a smaller extent. Now in the Confluence Age, that soul plays the role of the direct mother for the souls belonging to the Christian religion. Her spiritual capability and understanding God’s knowledge being imparted at present is the highest in the group of souls connected with Christianity (within the above mentioned Brahmin family)  and determines the level of understanding that the rest of the can achieve. If the Christians wish to understand the True Bible, they should make efforts to recognize that soul. Along with that soul playing the role of the direct mother for the Christians, there will be a soul playing the role of the direct father for them. These two are seeds of Christianity. That is why, all the Christians who desire to know themselves and the truth about themselves, the truth about the Bible, should recognize those who are the main souls in their group in the Brahmin family. In order to recognize them, they need to study the knowledge narrated by the Supreme Father and first recognize Him and themselves. Unless this work is done, studying the non-living scripture titled ‘The Bible’ is not usefull. It leads to nowhere. It only produces more scholastic discussions based on fiction. It is a waste of time, money and energy. Moreover, if the Christians wish to understand the truth about Jesus and Christ, their relations with God the Father and meet both of them, they should study the Supreme Father’s knowledge. Christ told his followers that he would come back at the end of the time along with the Father. His disciples wrote it in the Bible. Probably all the Christians think that one day a miracle will happen and Jesus Christ will emerge from his tomb along with all who died till the present time. This is what for example the Jehovah’s Witnesses teach officially. In the perspective of the knowledge narrated by the Supreme Father this assumption is completely wrong and results from ignorance. The final time is now and very little time remained to Apocalypse. The human souls after passing their numerous births in the drama wheel are at the end of their cyclical journey. It concerns also the souls playing the roles of Jesus and Christ. The living soul playing the role of Jesus in the broad human drama was recognized many years ago, but the Christians neglected that fact. It happened because the Brahma Kumaris in the west who were supposed to introduce the human soul playing the role of Jesus to the Christians, also neglected that fact. They met John Paul II officially, but they didn’t tell him anything about Jesus. They let him die in complete ignorance. BK Jayanti, the European Director of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, a representative to the United Nations,  met with Mother Theresa and His Holiness Pope John Paul II at the Vatican, yet she didn’t tell them anything. John Paul II was informed about revelation of Jesus in an official letter sent to Vatican in 2004 by a private researcher, but it was too late. The officials of John Paul II didn’t allow him to recognize anything at that time. Now, the soul of Christ is going to be revealed very soon. Will the present pope be able to recognize him? Or will he and his officials deceive themselves and their followers hiding those facts from them? The end is coming. All the main human religious fathers, starting from Abraham, have been recognized and they will be revealed on this broad stage very soon. Will the Christian people be able to recognize them or will they miss this fascinating time of the confluence between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next one when it comes to the full recognition of all the actors of the world stage?

The Bible in its present form contains a lots of adulterations. Numerous interpretations, translations, copies made it completely false. This topic was already proved and described very well by various authors, so it doesn’t need to be discussed here separately. Christ through the of body Jesus taught his disciples orally. After many years his disciples started writing scriptures. Already at the time of writing they committed first adulterations. Further, it is Christ who is the direct religious father for all the Christians. If the Christians think that they can know what their father meant without that father’s explanations, they are rather wrong. Can a child sit on the father’s place and play exactly the same role? If it was possible, the Christians wouldn’t quarrel and fight as they do, since their religious father, Christ, was a messenger of peace and love. They wouldn’t be so divided, because their father taught them unity. History shows that along with Muslims, Christians have been waging the bloodiest wars in the entire world till today. They have been repressing the others and turning them into slaves. They have been developing systems of social violence. This is not what their religious father Christ taught them. One of the most cruel social systems, communism, was created among Christians. That system dared to deny in practice the existence of God and Christ. Christians displayed a lot of violence also in science. They even tried to falsify the human history and prove to the world that Europe is the cradle of the true human civilization. The shooting of adulteration the history of humanity has already taken place. It happened in the Brahma Kumaris. The Brahma Kumaris tried to falsified the date of Dada Lekhraj’s birth to prove that he is the Source of Light, the God Himself Personified. This act of the Brahma Kumaris has irreversible consequences in the spiritual and physical dimension. Supreme Father’s class on the cycle and shooting explains well what these consequences are like.

Recapitulating, the new knowledge received from the Supreme Father Shiva enables people to understand all mentioned processes and identify their reason why. The Christians are only followers of Krishna, meaning Brahma Baba (Dada Lekhraj) the Father of the Brahma Kumaris and the group of Christian root-souls and seed-souls in the Brahmin family. The root-souls of Christianity have already revealed  themselves.

Article for Voices of New York March 2010